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10 Questions

familyIf you have a family member who is a problem gambler, seek help from Gam-Anon International Service Office (known as Gam-Anon). Gam-Anon is a non-profit self-help fellowship that offers support for family and friends whose lives have been affected by compulsive gambling.

Like Gamblers Anonymous, there are Gam-Anon chapters throughout the country. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling. Membership is open to anyone affected by compulsive gambling.

According to Gam-Anon, if you are living with a compulsive gambler, you will answer yes to at least six of the following questions:

  1. Do you find yourself constantly bothered by bill collectors?

  2. Is the person in question often away from home for long, unexplained periods of time?

  3. Does this person ever lose time from work due to gambling?

  4. Do you feel that this person cannot be trusted with money?

  5. Does the person in question faithfully promise that he or she will stop gambling, beg, plead for another chance, yet gamble again and again?

  6. Does this person ever gamble longer than he or she intended to, until the last dollar is gone?

  7. Does this person immediately return to gambling to try to recover losses, or to win more?

  8. Does this person ever gamble to get money to solve financial difficulties or have unrealistic expectations that gambling will bring the family material comfort and wealth?

  9. Does this person borrow money to gamble with or to pay gambling debts?

  10. Has this person's reputation ever suffered due to gambling, even to the extent of committing illegal acts to finance gambling?

10 Questions courtesy Gam-Anon