Scott's Story

    My name is Scott and I'm a recovering compulsive gambler who has not had the need to make a bet since Feb. 12th 1994.  Prior to that I gambled compulsively for 40 years. 

   At an early age I found that I liked to gamble. It all started with pitching pennies, penny ante poker games and making small bets with my friends. By the time I got to high school, gambling had already taken control of my life. My gambling caused the loss of a college scholarship.

    At the age of 25 I went into business for myself and started to make more money than I had ever dreamed of making, but it didn't matter.  I soon found out that no matter how much money I made it wasn’t enough to feed my gambling addiction, because I could never win enough money to make me happy.

   My gambling caused the loss of my business, home and family. It caused me to be a liar, cheat and manipulator.  After 40 years of compulsive gambling I was finally ready to admit and accept the fact that I was powerless over gambling and my life had become unmanageable.

    With the help of my family I sought help through the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Program. Since that time, my life has returned to a normal way of thinking and living. From a nobody I became somebody.   I became a husband, father, and grandfather. All of this has been possible through a Spiritual awakening as result of the Gamblers Anonymous 12 steps of recovery.